“Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit prescription pills, some containing deadly amounts of fentanyls have been introduced into U.S. drug markets, exacerbating the fentanyl and opioid crisis. The sudden arrival of wholesale amounts of counterfeit prescription drugs containing fentanyls will result in an increase in overdoses, deaths, and opiate-dependent individuals. Motivated by enormous profit potential, traffickers exploit high consumer demand for prescription medications by producing inexpensive, fraudulent prescription pills containing fentanyls. The equipment and materials necessary to produce these counterfeit drugs are widely available online for a small initial investment, greatly reducing the barrier of entry into production for small-scale drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) and individual players. In addition, small-scale fentanyl production laboratories have been identified in the United States and Canada, and fentanyl production and milling laboratories are believed to be operating in Mexico, indicating a vast expansion of the traditional illicit fentanyl market.”

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“Teenagers and young adults are turning to Snapchat, TikTok and other social media apps to find Percocet, Xanax and other pills. The vast majority are laced with deadly doses of fentanyl, police say.”

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“Anne Milgram, administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, is launching a campaign, “One Pill Can Kill,” to warn about illegal synthetic pills sold online as prescription drugs.”

“Counterfeit pills using fentanyl as the active ingredient are being made to look like prescription pain medications, and sold on the street as Oxycodone, Xanax, Percocet, and similar drugs.”

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“Here are some of the souls in Arkansas who lost their life to the current illicit drug crisis. What you don’t see pictured are the faces of the many, many fractured families these souls belong to. Thank you to  and for working so hard in our state to make a difference.” #findaFIX 

Content Warning: This video depicts an actual overdose which some viewers may find disturbing.

Hear the stories of Arkansans who have suffered from addiction — as well as the continued fight in the state to address issues surrounding opioid use, misuse and addiction — in “7 Days: The Opioid Crisis in Arkansas.” If you are suffering from addiction or concerned about your mental health, help is available .