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Make a tax-deductible donation to FIX-Arkansas today! Together we can make a difference in fighting fentanyl poisonings.

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Young Adults, & Teens, Pre-Teens:

  • Talk to your friends, peers, siblings, and parents about the dangers of taking pills without a prescription and other drugs which can be laced with Fentanyl.

  • Seek support from trusted teachers, counselors, family, friends, and parents.

  • Remember, even one pill could be deadly. Don’t risk your story ending too soon.

Parents & Teachers:

  • Start the conversation about Fentanyl with the youth in your life early and often.
  • Help them find healthy ways to cope with stress and struggles, and let them know you care.
  • Talk to your friends and colleagues about the dangers of Fentanyl.
  • Contact your state and local authorities and representatives.

Invite Us To Share Our Story at Your School or Event

Together we can save lives through awareness and information. We share our story, the facts about Fentanyl, and healthy ways to cope with stress. 

Share our website with your school administration, teachers, coaches, and state and local government officials. Let them know you want us to speak to your school or event.

Spread the word

  • Ask your school administration to invite us to speak at your school.
  • Tell your community, friends, and loved ones about FIX Arkansas. #FindaFIX

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  • Share videos and other Fentanyl-Related content with us through our social media!
  • Most importantly, when you see someone soliciting illicit pills through social media platforms, report them or their account to the support center for that platform.

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Email us at Hello@FIX-AR.Org or complete the form.


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