About FIX

No scare tactics, no judgment, just information


Fentanyl Information X-plained (FIX) is a non-profit charity committed to explaining the real dangers of fake pills, 'Fentapills.'

Fatalities from Fentanyl poisoning have skyrocketed across the country. Unfortunately, Arkansans are at a much higher risk than the average state. Sadly, too many people are unaware of the dangers and how to avoid them. We’re here to change that.

Where we stand

We believe teens and young adults are smart. They have learned the value of a healthier lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and exercise. They have learned to use designated drivers. They can also learn not to take the risk associated with street drugs. The drug landscape has drastically changed. When the supply chain begins in foreign countries (primarily China and Mexico), there is no control over what is being illegally distributed. We are committed to saving lives through education, outreach, and government support.

Meet the FIX Team

Kari Clay and Amber Wood

Kari Clay & Amber Wood joined forces and established FIX Arkansas after Ellison, Kari’s daughter, was killed from fentanyl poisoning on August 20th, 2021. Together they hope to inform and initiate a real change not only in their community but statewide.

Kari Clay

Amber Wood

Kari Clay

Kari Clay (Bryde) has worked in marketing and fundraising for over 15 years. Before accepting a position as a Marketing Director with a local private PreK-8th grade school she served as the President of the school’s parent organization. As a volunteer, she also led the school’s Annual Fund campaign and chaired the school’s annual fundraiser multiple times over a span of 5 years resulting in raising well over $400,000 for various educational needs.

Kari has two daughters. She lost her youngest daughter to fentanyl poisoning in the summer of 2021. She quickly realized the need for education and the dissemination of accurate information regarding the fatal risks associated with laced and counterfeit pills.

Amber wood

Amber Wood has served as chair of several committees and raised funds for various organizations including the PTO, Co- Founder of Dare to Share (a program that serves as an outreach to hundreds of school aged children each year), Saline County Relay for Life and multiple church and school committees.  She performed these duties while being a full time stay at home mom and wife. After she raised her children she decided to begin a career in real estate. While finding real estate to be a successful venture, she felt a need to continue her passion for community service and outreach, but didn’t know where to start. When Ellison Bryde passed away as a result of Fentanyl poisoning it was obvious this is where her heart and passion led her to serve.


Ellison’s Story

“You weren’t supposed to be a memory. You should be entering college, making new friends, and forging your way in this world. You may be gone, but we hope your story will enact change and save others from being poisoned.” ~Kari Clay, Ellison’s Mom

On August 20, 2021, sometime in the early morning hours, Ellison took what she believed to be a 30 mg Percocet. She was found dead, having passed in her sleep. The toxicology report showed only her prescribed medications and fentanyl; no Percocet, no other drugs… only fentanyl. The minute she swallowed that counterfeit pill, she was going to die. She was 17 and had just started her senior year of high school.

Ellison loved to ride horses and barrel race. She could sing like an angel with the force of 1,000 chariots behind her. She loved her friends fiercely and always championed those she felt couldn’t speak up for themselves. She believed she was invincible, and if you did not – just ask her, and she’d convince you.

Ellison was poisoned. The legal definition of “poison” reads: “Those substances which, when applied to the organs of the body, are capable of altering or destroying, in a majority of cases, some or all of the functions necessary to life, are called poisons.” (3 Fodere, Traite de Med. Leg. 449; Guy, Med. Jur. 520.) The tiniest trace of fentanyl can kill you, will kill you. The only way to know for certain you have a medication that is safe to take is if you obtained it directly from a pharmacy and it is specifically prescribed for your body. Learn the facts, and don’t gamble with the only life you are given. You, too, are not meant to be a memory.